Meet Sergio!

Sergio Vargas is the guy all over this website and social media whose neck is disproportionate to the body. That’s an inside office joke. His neck is actually very proportionate to his real body. Let’s read a little about him and his background.

Sergio Vargas

He is the former owner of We Clean It cleaning services which serviced San Jose, CA and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We Clean It offered a wide variety of services with several employees.  His experience as owner of We Clean It taught him a wide range of different business practices and skills. He gained many managerial skills as he learned management, budgeting, and accounting skills from the ground up. Sergio definitely had to learn managing time, money, and shuffling life and work owning a full scale, full time business, and attending college full time. The managerial and business skills he learned in his 10 years of ownership over We Clean It have allowed him to bring many different business ideas to iBrand Your Business.

Sergio attended San Jose State University from Fall of 2005 to Fall of 2009 majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. He is currently continuing his studies at CSU Stanislaus.

The business skills he acquired as owner of We Clean It and his education background in business administration have brought iBrand Your Business several useful business practices. Here are a few of the items he has brought to the table to benefit the iBrand Your Business Team: movement towards the implementation of an information system providing detailed managerial information in real time, management of business processes, efficiency measures to better ROI rates and project delivery rates, processes to measure and efficiently track budgets and manage direct and indirect costs that affect product and service prices.

Sergio’s plan, here at iBrand Your Business, is to maintain and manage the necessary information to make sure our customers are delivered quality products and services at the lowest price possible. He strongly believes iBrand Your Business has potential beyond imagination with the current services and products it offers, and he has taken the responsibility and has a plan to seek for the most efficient manner to deliver these products and services to the market which demands them at the lowest possible price.

Update on Sergio!

Sergio is no longer with iBrand Your Business. He left to pursue his accounting career in September of 2015. He successfully received his Bachelors degree from San Jose University. However, he agreed to allow iBrand Your Business to still use him as a mascot for branding purposes. His bobble head character is all over iBrand Your Business, and he was kind enough to allow me, Theresa Santa, owner of iBrand Your Business to continue to use it. Thank you Sergio for your time spent at iBrand Your Business. Your contributions were so valuable to our clients, and your help was priceless to me. The best of success to you!

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