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The brunette you see all over this website and on all iBrand Your Business Social Media sites is Theresa Santa. She is the owner of iBrand Your Business.  Her start as a business owner began with MediaPix Web Designs in January of 2010, but her experience began many years prior.  Theresa started in the technical field many years ago gaining years of experience in design and development for large software corporations and other up- and- coming smaller companies since the mid '90s.  It was fate that led her to open her own business.

Theresa Santa - Owner of iBrand Your BusinessShe acted as a free-lancer for a few months and did quite a few websites, designs, and development for non-profit organizations.  Her donations paid off.  Quickly the clientele grew quickly, and she found herself opening a business of her own.

Theresa knows how to get you noticed on the web with her strong technical knowledge, coupled with her creative eye; she gives an advantage over the competition.  Theresa has experience in design, development and video production for the web.  This combination has set Theresa aside from conventional methods of having a separate designer and a developer.  In the design world, Theresa is proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  In the coding world, Theresa is proficient in programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, HTML, MY SQL, and more.  In the video world, Theresa is proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Magix Premiere Pro and many more.

Theresa’s unique, talented, and creative side has created several logos and graphics worldwide for both online and offline businesses in many different industries and cultures.  What’s her secret? Meet her and see! She has the ability to interview someone like no other, and Theresa can bring out exactly what you want your brand to look like.  

In 2012 Theresa reached out to a social media expert with an idea. The two collaborated with each other, and they were able to maximize client experience and minimize having to go to multiple places to get noticed on the web as a recognized brand. After she collaborated with the social media expert, it was a no brainer to start packaging such programs, so "iBrand Your Business in 6 Weeks" was created.  It has become the flagship of iBrand Your Business and the company’s name.  The program branded businesses online and offline in only 6 weeks.  At the end of six weeks the client got their branded logo, website, blog, social media platforms, eCommerce, video commercials, eBooks, list builders and more.  Bringing the social media platforms into the world of branding was the ticket to put Theresa in the front seat as someone that has a clear view of where businesses need to be online and offline.

What’s it like to work with Theresa Santa?  She’s a bit of a comedian at heart, loves to laugh, and always very happy.  Clients don’t feel the frustrations from everyday work when working with her.  If she’s asked, “what’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever received?” She will reply, “When my clients tell me that I made them feel as if they were my only client, it makes me want to shout, WOO HOO!  It is one of the best compliments, because I feel like I did my good deed.”  

So what’s in store for the future?  There is much to be excited about with iBrand Your Business.  It has become the go-to-place where Theresa and her team have the drive to help businesses all over the world.  The motto around here is, “we work together to bring clients more solutions that are a necessity for today’s advanced technology, social media platforms, and the right guidance for success.”

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iBrand Your Business is located in Cave Creek, AZ. Video conference is available for local and non-local clients. Currently servicing all the U.S.

Salinas, CA

"At the National Steinbeck Center we are happy to work with Theresa Santa in ad, postcard, and program designs. She is a good listener and a talented artist who makes an idea go from a simple scribble on white paper to a beautiful work of art. Theresa is quick and efficient, plus her prices are affordable even for a not-for-profit organization. Thank you Theresa!"

- Esmeralda Owen
National Steinbeck Center

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