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Our Video Production Process

iBrand Your Business video production for the web specializes on marketing and promotional type videos for your business. These videos can be embedded on your website/blog or you can place them on popular social media sites, such as: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, etc. Our video productions range from just seconds to 30 minutes in length. Please note that we are not equipped to record live events or feature motion films.
Make sure to check out our Video Portfolio. Need a logo or graphic design? Check out our Design Process.
Conceptualization and Consultation

When we first meet, we discuss the type of video by defining your message and identifying your audience.

We discuss your budget according to the ideal video length and the complexity of the type of video we are creating.

We decide between studio vs. on location filming, and we discuss expectations and ideas for the video project.

Videos can have recorded footage, photos (stills), graphic animation, screen capturing, an intro/outro, music, voice-overs, etc.

If necessary, you tell us about the talent you’ll provide for recording.

Do you need someone to record a voice-over? We have both male and female voices available.

When we have an idea of what you want, we put a proposal together for you to review.


When you have accepted the proposal, an agreement between iBrand Your Business and you, the client is signed with the details of the project.

We require 50% of the amount of the video production due before the project begins.

Narrative / Scripting

Writing the script is a collaborative effort between you and us. You provide us with a rough draft of what the message your video will give your audience.

We help you re-write it with a specific tone in mind, so the video will flow best and keep the interest of the audience.

It’s important that the script alone captivate the attention of your audience.


You, the client, can submit as much recorded footage, photos, and graphics that may be required for the video. This may include logos, product photos, recorded footage of your business, etc. This will help us compile a great story and assess if we are missing anything.

We start a storyboard that will give the message to the audience by fitting the scenes with the script or audio track. This gives us a visual to ensure that the video is compelling and will keep the interest of your audience.

This also helps to determine the length and the rhythm of the video.

Obtaining Video Footage and Recording on Location (if applicable)

Some videos may need recorded footage recorded on location. It is up to you if you prefer to use alternate footage such as royalty free stock videos, or you may want to record footage on your own. All footage must be in Full HD 1920x1080 pixels.

iBrand Your Business can travel up to 50 miles from our office for recording. We are equipped with a high quality professional grade video camera, lighting, wireless microphones, green screens and white screens. However, we are not equipped for aerial or action shots.

Audio Recording

Voice-overs or sound will be recorded from the final script. You will have the ability to approve or edit any voice-over at this point to ensure that the proper tone is being delivered through the recording.

Screen Capturing

You tell us what screen movements you want to capture from a website or social media platform that you would like to use in your video.

Graphics and Photos

We collaborate to decide which photos and graphics will be used in the video and help you in the creative process.

As graphic designers, we know what photos and graphics can be meshed together, cropped, filtered, etc. to make something look awesome. For best results, we ask that you deliver to us as much footage as you can.

All graphics and photos need to be free of potential copyright infringement.

iBrand Your Business has access to a pool of royalty-free photos, graphics, and video footage that can be utilized as part of the video.

Video Editing

The magic happens in editing. We put all the elements together to prepare for the final production and to have a rendered video to present to you.

We scrub clean the audio, and create dynamic transitions, etc.

Intros/Outros (Motion Graphics and Titles)

If the video is suited for an intro/outro, we collaborate and add a 2-5 second intro with motion graphics and titles and/or an outro.

Sometimes motion graphics are used and necessary within the video, as well. If this is a necessary step, then we collaborate to ensure all titles and graphics meet your expectations.

The Presentation

We meet with you to view the video together and get your feedback before finalizing the video.

Tweaks and Finishing Touches

To finalize the video, you can swap out footage for something more appropriate and make revisions so long as the revisions are within the scope of our signed agreement. If the revisions are outside the scope of our agreement, a new agreement can be executed.

Our goal is to make you happy and 100% satisfied.


We deliver your video by making it available to download. Specified formats are in our agreement and can be made available in multiple formats upon request.

Business Relationship for Life!

Our goal is to keep you as a client for life. If you have any questions, need assistance with rendering the video in a different format, needing a shorter version of the video, or need future projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Video ImageMy name is Theresa Santa, and I am the video producer for iBrand Your Business. I truly look forward to working on projects for my clients and take them very seriously as if they were for my own business. I look forward to working with you now and in the future.
Make sure to check out our Video Portfolio.


Salinas, CA

"At the National Steinbeck Center we are happy to work with Theresa Santa in ad, postcard, and program designs. She is a good listener and a talented artist who makes an idea go from a simple scribble on white paper to a beautiful work of art. Theresa is quick and efficient, plus her prices are affordable even for a not-for-profit organization. Thank you Theresa!"

- Esmeralda Owen
National Steinbeck Center

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